About Us

Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber supports and promotes the Mary Valley business community. We provide regular training, workshops and networking events, and advocate for our members at all levels of government.


The mission of the Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce Inc. is to:

  • Promote the Mary Valley as a progressive, welcoming and inclusive region in which to conduct business.
  • Identify and address key issues impacting businesses in the Mary Valley.
  • Build inclusive and vibrant networks for Mary Valley businesses.
  • Advocate on behalf of Mary Valley businesses to all levels of government to ensure that any and all relevant concerns are followed up with the appropriate authority.
  • Disseminate information on training opportunities available for Mary Valley businesses.

Executive Committee


Mandy Price


Vice President

Kieran Broome


Jeff Parker


Valda Nicoll

Imbil Community News Representative

Leilani Reiter