Imbil Town Market Terms and Conditions

  • 4m x 4m site

    $30 / Month

  • Larger sites

    $30 / 16m2 block / Month
    (e.g., 5m x 5m stall is 25m2 = $60/month)

Market Site

  1. The allocation of a market site is at the discretion of the MVCCI’s market co-coordinator
  2. Stall sites are 4m x 4m. Larger sites available upon request
  3. No pegs or stakes are to be used under any circumstances
  4. Market stalls are not to restrict public access to public facilities
  5. The stallholder must provide their own equipment including tent/umbrella, protective floor matting and matting under legs of marquees, tables, chairs, weights (sand bags) and wet weather protection
  6. All displays must be presented in a tidy and professional manner
  7. The stallholder must ensure their site is always attended, presentable, professional and safe and that they are courteous to management, other stallholders and visitors
  8. The stallholder must leave their site in a clean state and all waste must be removed. No liquid is to be discharged at the site eg. Ice and water from eskies
  9. All stall advertising to be restricted to the stall space and related to your products and name



  1. No political or religious signage, fliers, etc. are permitted at this market - MVCCI reserves the right to remove inappropriate signage
  2. While all care is taken, the Event organizer and the Facility owners accept no responsibility for loss or damage of product and/or equipment. It is up to the exhibitor to secure their own products
  3. Stall holders are required to provide a copy of their product and public liability insurance - Gympie Regional Council and MVCCI to be endorsed as interested parties – no insurance, no stall
  4. Food vendors are required to supply copies of their food license

Whilst a food license is not required by a non-profit organisation** holding less than 12 stalls/markets/year, the non-profit organisation has an obligation to ensure that all persons undertaking food handling operations have appropriate skills and knowledge required to produce safe and suitable food. This means that the food handler has the ability to perform those tasks that are necessary to ensure the safety of the food being handled. The non-profit organisation is exempt from this requirement if the food sold is not potentially hazardous (e.g. biscuits, cakes without cream, jams) or the food is consumed immediately after thorough cooking (e.g. sausage on bread).

  1. There are limited power outlets available, which are only available to stallholders through prior negotiation with the market coordinator. Allocation of power outlets is at the discretion of the market coordination.
  2. All electrical equipment must be inspected, tested and tagged before introduced for use
  3. Piggy-back plugs and double adaptors are prohibited. Only power boards provided with an overload cut-out switch are to be used. Any cords on the ground must be covered to comply with safety standards
  4. All products offered for sale at the market must comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations
  5. Sites must be set up and ready to trade at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised opening time of the market and must trade until the advertised closing time of the market
  6. All applications are subject to approval, if you do not receive approval, no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. MVCCI reserves the right to have a stall holder removed if the terms and conditions for a stall are not complied with.


Non-profit organization**:

A non-profit organisation distributes all of the money raised to a charitable, cultural, educational, political, social welfare, sporting or recreational purpose and does not provide a benefit for any individual member or person.

A person may work for a non-profit organisation and recover any personal costs or costs of fundraising. No individual person undertaking the activity should receive any personal benefit, gain or profit.

Any organisation that wishes to publicly raise funds for a charitable or a community purpose in Queensland is also governed by the Collections Act 1966.

Stallholder Online Application

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